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Suleiman the Magnificent - BD

Suleiman the Magnificent, sultan of the Ottoman Empire, reigned from 1520 to 1566. Major figure of the XVIth century, Soliman, lover of the arts and letters, was also a terrible conqueror. At the head of a Mediterranean empire reminiscent of Rome, Soliman made the European powers tremble. But the war was also raging within the empire itself, within his family ... It is at the heart of this torn empire that this new volume of the collection "They have made history" plunges us.

Behind the scenes of a reign ...

Soliman, known as the Magnificent, was one of the most important rulers of the Mediterranean world in the 16th century. The Ottoman Empire was no longer just present-day Turkey, the power of the Porte extended from Hungary to Iraq, from the Red Sea to Tunis! Soliman is the interlocutor of the kings of France and the terror of the Austrian Empire. Its capital, Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople of the late Byzantine Empire, is a gem set between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The Ottoman Empire, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa controls a strategic point for world trade.

The Sultan of the Gate is therefore one of the most influential, the most feared, the most respected men. The sultanate becomes an envied position, object of covetousness and internal quarrels which animate even the princely siblings. In this fight to the death for power, fans of series like Game of Thrones will discover that historical reality can sometimes equal or even surpass fiction: royal infanticides, rebellions, fratricidal wars, wars between states, betrayals, hostages, ostracisms, manipulation of janissaries, summary and cruel executions (strangulation, beheading with cannon ...), decimated line with women and children, political agreements of circumstances ... All blows are allowed in this Ottoman world which could use the famous slogan "You" win or you died »... All in an oriental universe of mosques and luxurious palaces, harem, poetry, sabers with curved blades and an artillery in its beginnings characterized by imposing cannons vomiting the fire of the hell!

From the battle of Eregli in 1553, until the death of Soliman in 1566, the screenplay by Clothilde de Bruneau (who also worked on the screenplay for the volume dedicated to Charlemagne) and Estéban Mathieu offers us an extremely dynamic story and engaging, perhaps one of the most dynamic in the collection. Cristi Pacurariu, through his drawings, polishes this dynamism and this complete immersion in the 16th century Ottoman.

From comics to history

Respecting the effective model of the “They Made History” collection, the authors reconsider their scriptwriting choices and the sources from which they have benefited. A healthy approach allowing the reader to untie what is necessary fiction (dialogues) and historical background.

This historical background is itself the subject of a file of six richly illustrated pages (historical iconographic documents, cartoon drawings and map) produced by Julien Loiseau, agrégé d'Histoire, former member of the Institut français d oriental archeology, lecturer in the history of Islam at the University of Montpellier-3, known in particular for his work on the 15th century and on the Mamluks. The historian returns to the political and geopolitical context of the Ottoman Empire which partly explains its internal instability and its external wars. Author
lingers on the charismatic personality of Soliman, on a power legitimizing itself through war, but also on a large-scale architectural policy which still marks the landscape of ancient Constantinople. Finally, the work ends with a brief biographical chronology and bibliographical advice referring to specialized works to allow the reader to satisfy his thirst for knowledge.

In the end, we have here a beautiful comic book benefiting from a dynamic and catchy scenario and opening on a historical file allowing a salutary historical popularization. A great opportunity for everyone to discover one of the main rulers of the 16th century, a contemporary of our famous Francis I. It is also a great opportunity for high school students to play their lessons in more depth, since Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire are the subject of a compulsory case study in Seconde.

Screenplay: Clothilde Bruneau & Estéban Mathieu
Historian: Julien Loiseau
Drawing: Cristi Pacurariu
Colors: Andrea Meloni & Mad5-Factory
Edition: Glénat fayard
Collection: They made history

Video: Kanuni Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (January 2022).